Concerned about the impact of rising rates on your fixed income holdings?

Catalyst Income Fund Portfolio Managers talk alternative income for rising rates.



50/30/20 is the New 60/40:
Alternatives, Alpha & Active Share

Presenters: Mike Sherbert, Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy Fund|
and Cory Krebs, Catalyst Dynamic Alpha Fund



Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy Fund Wins Investors Choice Award 2018 Americas

Catalyst Funds is pleased to announce that Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy Fund (MBXIX) won the Investors Choice Awards 2018 Americas in the category Multi-Strategy Fund.


Catalyst Funds’ COO Michael Schoonover Featured on Bloomberg Radio

Schoonover Talks Buybacks with Bloomberg Markets’ Carol Massar and Pimm Fox


Catalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation Fund
Wins 2018 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Award

The Catalyst/Lyons Tactical Allocation Fund (CLTAX) has received a 2018 Lipper Fund Award as the Best Flexible Portfolio Fund out of 120 funds for the five years ending November 30, 2017.

Featured Strategies


Alternative/Hedged Strategies

Our alternative/hedged strategies typically seek to add alpha, reduce correlation to the market indexes and reduce downside risk. These strategies tend to fit in as an alternative allocation.


Income-Oriented Strategies

Our income-oriented strategies typically seek to generate income while reducing interest rate risk. These strategies can serve as a core or complement a traditional fixed income portfolio.


Equity-Oriented Strategies

Our equity strategies typically seek to add alpha by implementing distinct investment strategies. These strategies can serve as a core or complement a core equity portfolio.

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