Catalyst Funds Wins Four 2019 Thomson Reuters Lipper Fund Awards


Catalyst Funds Makes Shortlist for Multiple Categories at 2019 Mutual Fund Industry & ETF Awards

Categories include nominations for: Fund Innovation (Catalyst Enhanced Income Strategy Fund), Content Marketer of the Year and Social Media Leader


Check Out the #1 Commodity Fund for 2018

CFHIX was the #1 Commodity Fund for the one year period ending 12/31/2018 out of 117 funds in the Morningstar Commodities Broad Basket based on a total return of 0.45%.



Catalyst Funds’ COO Michael Schoonover Featured in New York Times & Associated Press

Schoonover Tapped for Insight into This Year’s Corporate Buyback Trends



Concerned about the impact of rising rates on your fixed income holdings?

Catalyst Income Fund Portfolio Managers talk alternative income for rising rates.



50/30/20 is the New 60/40:
Alternatives, Alpha & Active Share

Presenters: Mike Sherbert, Catalyst/Millburn Hedge Strategy Fund|
and Cory Krebs, Catalyst Dynamic Alpha Fund


Featured Strategies


Alternative/Hedged Strategies

Our alternative/hedged strategies typically seek to add alpha, reduce correlation to the market indexes and reduce downside risk. These strategies tend to fit in as an alternative allocation.


Income-Oriented Strategies

Our income-oriented strategies typically seek to generate income while reducing interest rate risk. These strategies can serve as a core or complement a traditional fixed income portfolio.


Equity-Oriented Strategies

Our equity strategies typically seek to add alpha by implementing distinct investment strategies. These strategies can serve as a core or complement a core equity portfolio.

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