The Outlook for Bonds in a Bear Market:
Guidance for Uncertain Times

By Hunter Frey | September 2022

Key Takeaways

  • Seek credit investments with uncorrelated returns
  • Duration management (ideally shorter duration is essential)
  • Opportunistic corporate/convertible bonds with undervalued relative pricing.
  • Floating Rate (Bank Loans) hedge portfolios from interest rate risk without being a tactical shift
  • Legacy NARMBS are high principal investments with a strong structural support to weather market uncertainty.
  • Special Situation credit investment opportunities can deliver strongly uncorrelated returns through unique positionings.

Amid stagflation, the economic situation remains murky, though we see a clear path for monetary policy: raising rates. However, questions remain on the velocity of the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) quantitative tightening and the length needed for hawkish policy to tame inflation.

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